Structural tax advice

Structural tax advice is a value-added service for tax issues of special consequence. Before making any business or private decisions of principle, we provide you with objective advice.

Advice from experts is all-important when decisions of far-reaching consequence need to be taken, including optimisation of corporate structures or issues regarding inheritance and business succession.

Our aim is to open up an objective perspective of the overall situation and accompany you from defining your targets to implementing your design concept.

Our consultancy emphasis and products

Optimisation of corporate structures

  • choice of legal form
  • restructuring, reorganisation, split-up, merger
  • company split-up/leasing concepts
  • transfer of assets, businesses, parts of businesses

Acquisition and sale of businesses and equity interest

  • tax structuring and optimisation of acquisition, sale and financing concepts
  • tax due diligence
  • company valuations
  • development of tax-optimised participation structures

Succession planning and support

  • advice and organisation for anticipated inheritance
  • transfer of commercial units in one’s lifetime
  • preparation of estate and gift tax returns

International tax advice

  • transnational business transactions (inbound and outbound)
  • tax-optimised structuring of international corporations (international holding structures, dispatch of employees)
  • taxation of permanent business establishments
  • foreign transaction tax law (accounting prices, exit tax and taxation of foreign sourced income)
  • double taxation treaties