Annual financial statements

Annual financial statements are prepared subject to compliance with the provisions of commercial and fiscal law. Owing to the legislation intended to tighten up the tax system, tax and commercial law are becoming increasingly distinct and companies are compelled to prepare both a commercial balance sheet and a separate tax balance sheet.

Accounting is increasingly becoming a decision on how to rationalise the desire to demonstrate financial strength with the need to reduce the tax burden by reporting the lowest possible profit. We can help you tackle this problem, and can also consult with your house bank if you wish.

Certificates form part of the annual financial statements that we prepare. The certificates are formulated in such a way as to reflect the depth of the substantive procedures conducted during preparation of the annual financial statements.Banks frequently demand annual financial statements that include plausibility assessments. Our certificates range from “simple” certificates for preparation of annual financial statements without substantive procedures, right up to certificates whose quality approximates that of an audit certificate, because we have conducted extensive substantive procedures.